Monday, August 17, 2009


This is the first quilt I have quilted myself on machine, thanks to a very helpful lesson by Deb Louie, which demystified the whole process and gave me the confidence to just try it. This is a baby quilt for my girlfriend Marie, who is having a baby girl in December.

The quilt is about 22" square, so good for strollers, bassinet and a play mat. The fabric is all Prints Carming except for the gorgeous flamingos, which is a Japanese fabric I bought from Tessuti Fabrics probably almost a year ago now. The backing fabric was hand printed and was just too gorgeous to be fiddled with. Unfortunately I cut it a smidge too short so had to add the baby paisley, but I think it's quite a sweet bit of serendipity!

I am still marvelling at how good the stitching in the ditch looks. Even though it took more time than the straight lines on either side of the seam, it was worth practicing, as the next self quilted project is a lonestar quilt (no, am not insane, just like a challenge!).


Noosa Girl said...

Hey lovely of you do make that beautiful quilt for your girlfriend. You have done a great job - its very beautiful - just like Miss B and her mummy x

One Flew Over said...

Great quilt Bec!!! The quilting looks fantastic, I really like the quilting on either side of the seam. How did the stitch in the ditch go?

katrina said...

oooh! i like the stitch in the ditch too! well done. :)

karlyn Jackson said...

Bec, it looks gorgeous, I really love the stripy binding and your straights lines are perfect..Make sure you bring it Wednesday so we can have another look.