Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Polka dots...

...seem to be something I just LOVE on Brigi. She has red polka dot hats, swimming cossie, dresses from when she was a baby and leggings with polka dot frills.
This latest polka dot is a beautiful Moda fabric, it is a vintage coloured red with off white spot and is plastic coated cotton, but not so shiny and stick, more muted. This is a unique project, I will unveil (with any luck!) on the weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Remember this fabric from a couple of Sunday Stashes ago? Well I have busted my stash to make this beautiful gelato coloured summer dress, and what a great little one this is. It is perfect for hiding a tummy after large dinners and easy enough to throw on before taking Missi Mu to the park.
The pattern is Vogue 8552, and although it says very easy and ended up being easy, it required comcentration on reading instructions, as the darts in the back weren't standard and the neckline required me to focus. I did about half the basting in the instructions and the pleats at the neckline are staystitched into place to create a lovely ruffle.
This pattern was overall really detailed and logical to follow. My main issue with it was the armholes- WAY too small (unless I have somehow in the fashion world been classified as 'tuckshop'!). Fortunately it was easy to fix. After sewing the side seams I tried on the dress and pinned around the armhole of one side where I wanted the seam to be. Then in my undies and bra with pins flying around me I stitched the bias binding on this line. Instead of rolling the bias binding to make an edge on the armhole (as it said to do in the pattern- I wasn't too fussed on this idea anyway) I folded on the seam and then staystitched the bias underneath, which complemented the stitching at the neckline. I then measured from the finished armhole to do the same on the other side.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Stash #19

Wishing you a happy Valentines Day...


Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucy's quilt

Remember the quilt I made AGES ago here, well this was given to little Lucy. And you know when you make a present for someone and you know how much effort you put into it and then you wonder if it is ever going to be used or just left in the cupboard??? Well I never realised until Lucy's Christening last week that her mother (and my oldest friend) Marie uses the quilt all the time, so I am totally stoked!!

This is Lucy trialling "tummy time"! Dear thing, grand old age of almost 2 months and she can fall asleep anywhere (now that is what we all aim for!).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flight of fancy

This bag was made for me by my lovely mama- the fabric LOOKS like the Missoni butterflies but at $14.95 from Lincraft I would have to say it is a really good knock off!

I have enough of this fabric to make a cushion, although the fabric needs a really good wash. On another note, the weather has been pretty ordinary this week, I am so sticky and hot from all this humidity and rain- which leaves me to a monday full of wet washing and more rain. But then again... I have a friend who always tells me that in winter I whinge about the cold and in February I whinge about the rain. So a positive note to end on- I love hot summers and swimming at the beach, even in the rain on a sticky day!!