Monday, March 22, 2010

Embroidery nirvana

I am very blessed to have a wonderful Aunt who tucks herself away on the Sunshine Coast and in her precious spare time whips up glorious, sometimes off beat and always sensational pieces of craft- from quilting to fashion to emroidery to "other", and when you least expect it an unassuming Express Post bag arrives on my doorstep with a little snippet of something special. And that is exactly what happened last week.
This beautiful skirt arrived as a "skirt front" to my mother. Sue had embroidered the flowers using her very high-tech whizz bang Pfaff (see Tessuti blog post). My mother then fininshed the skirt and triumphantly presented it to me, labels and all!!
Johnnie has-been you wonder? Well, Sue is in awe of the embroidery on Johnny Was designs- they are beautiful- and this inspires her when choosing her embroidery layouts and colours. In Ode-To-Johhny Was, Sue likes to sign off as Johnnie hasbeen! I think it's fortunate she didn't use Johnnie has-been-here as there is no way I could wear that label on the outside!!

And to top it all off, here are the gift tags she has made especially for me- Sue knows I have a thing for bunnies, especially quirky ones wearing white strapless gowns! Aren't they adorable? Lucky me, thanks Sue xo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Mr Mu

Here is my husband, Nick, in a slightly wild eyed frenzy, triumphantly pulling out freshly baked banana muffins at 10:45 last night. He had an urge at 10pm for a muffin and became totally obsessed so he found the wooden spoon and set off to work. It was a delicious supper and a lovely surprise!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Market treasures

On the weekend Brigi and I made a cameo appearance at Mathilda's Market at Paddington Town Hall. This is what we found...
A spotty raincoat (will I ever get over red and white spots???) in a size (1-2) -miraculous- most raincoats start at size 3 and they are too big for my chicken. Some 3/4 pants, perfect for transitional weather... and some stripey "resort wear" (ie slouching around at home).Unfortunately any attempt at stylish photos were thwarted by Brigi, who insisted on being my assistant...
Thanks for your lovely comments last week, it helped to lift my spirits! Brigi went really well in hospital and I am muddling through our new routine (milk and tubes flying everywhere). She is on the pump 22 hours a day at the moment, but as you can see she isn't letting it stop her from enjoying herself...

Monday, March 1, 2010

A polka dot vision...

This is what I have been frustratingly making this past week- a backpack for Brigi!!! Why so frustrating? Well it seems obvious now but coated cotton has no give and such a little bag with so many curves was difficult. So what makes this project unique?

Well, I'll tell you a little about my Mu. She has to go into hospital this week to have a tube inserted into her intestine for feeding... this means she has to carry a machine and milk around for 20hrs a day. So as a mum I figured she might as well look super cute-she deserves it...speaking of which, this is what Brigi will be doing when carrying milk- climbing furniture just to get her fave book at the moment!

I love you Brigi. I wish I could take your pain away.