Sunday, November 29, 2009

Officially home...

and not loving it but I am pleased to be back to the online wilderness! Our holiday was fab, as you can see from the photos, and although the sewing machine was set up, I did a paltry amount. So, here is a summary of our holiday:

1. Hanging out with Brigi and swimming with ducks

2. Zooming around the Hawkesbury trying desperately to avoid thunderstorms in our boat while smelling like bait! Nick and I loved out couple of days out on the boat, we didn't catch much that was edible but the main thing is we made it home alive. I kid you not, there was lightning zapping right behind us as we zoomed back to Patonga Beach.

3. Did I mention Brigi - swimming - ducks??? I just hope she forgives me for her wearing glasses AND a hat when she is older.

4. Brigi giving a kangaroo at the Australian Reptile Zoo a smooch.

And there you pretty much have it!! There was lots of surf time at the rockpool at Copa but Brigi was so fearless I guess Nick and I were running around the whole time, so alas no photos. She managed to get into a swim ring and LOVED it, and when I say she loved it, I mean she was OUT THE BACK (I know it's in the rockpool but there was surf!) swirling around treading water. That girl is adventurous.

And last but not least, the beginning of my abstract block for Meg for the Beehive. I promise you Meg, it will be in the post this week, with a little salty air in the fabric.

I hope this post finds you all well, I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading too. Bec xo


One Flew Over said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time Bec! Welcome back to reality ;)

Colette said...

Welcome home, looks like you had a wonderful relaxing time away with Brigi. How cute is she in her teeny specs, oh and smooching the kangaroo?

Hope to see you before Christmas...maybe a ladies lunch????

karlyn Jackson said...

Welcome home Bec, looks like a great holiday. Your block is looking great too. I had lots of fun with mine. I only sent them off on Friday so don't stress too much.
K x

Noosa Girl said...

Does that Kangaroo know how lucky it is ??????

Colette said...

Happy birthday to Brigi today xxxx give her a huge kiss and cuddle from Colette, Greg, Gabby and Claudia