Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beehive on its way

What a weekend I have had- madly cutting pieces of fabric to post to everyone in The Beehive. February is my month so I have spent January finding fabrics and practising a few different types of blocks. Just as well, as my poor Janome is a bit sick. I ran over a needle and she just hasn't been the same. Might have to check her in to rehab.

As you can see, my assistant was tremendously industrious in helping with fabric choices.


karlyn Jackson said...

look forward to receiving them Bec, I'm sure it's going to be easier than the dreaded flying geese....(which I have not yet started mind you!) Hope you had a fab Xmas and New Year, look forward to seeing you at PC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am Cathy, and I have been quilting for many years, but have never worked with a group. That sounds like fun, but lots of work. I love the colors of your quilt squares you are using. Do your squares go into a big quilt for a group? Or are they square exchanges. I admire young mother's who sew with young children. I know I always sewed when my kids where young, but now that I'm a grandmother I can't sew with grandchildren around at all. I buess I'm not as flexable now. I am trying to learn to embroidery when they are around. That seems easier. I like your work. I wish I could see your chain stitch bird up close. I have been using chain stitch to fill in some of my embroidery, but your's is so special. I am try a look like that. Love it.

Noosa Girl said...

Hi looks like your assistant is having a little snooze - 'far too much to deal with' I suspect she is thinking.

It looks like we will soon have a mini-me in the fabric obsession area. A big kiss for Miss B