Monday, March 22, 2010

Embroidery nirvana

I am very blessed to have a wonderful Aunt who tucks herself away on the Sunshine Coast and in her precious spare time whips up glorious, sometimes off beat and always sensational pieces of craft- from quilting to fashion to emroidery to "other", and when you least expect it an unassuming Express Post bag arrives on my doorstep with a little snippet of something special. And that is exactly what happened last week.
This beautiful skirt arrived as a "skirt front" to my mother. Sue had embroidered the flowers using her very high-tech whizz bang Pfaff (see Tessuti blog post). My mother then fininshed the skirt and triumphantly presented it to me, labels and all!!
Johnnie has-been you wonder? Well, Sue is in awe of the embroidery on Johnny Was designs- they are beautiful- and this inspires her when choosing her embroidery layouts and colours. In Ode-To-Johhny Was, Sue likes to sign off as Johnnie hasbeen! I think it's fortunate she didn't use Johnnie has-been-here as there is no way I could wear that label on the outside!!

And to top it all off, here are the gift tags she has made especially for me- Sue knows I have a thing for bunnies, especially quirky ones wearing white strapless gowns! Aren't they adorable? Lucky me, thanks Sue xo


Noosa Girl said...

Bec that's a beautiful post....and you look pretty fabulous in your new skirt. I'm so happy that you love wearing it as much as I loved doing it for you.
Now...about those bunny tags.....the pink bunny picture was a download from the internet and then the tag created with one of my fave Cricut machine. The very chic bunny in the white gown was bought on Etsy from Bluebird Lane. A lovely friend bought them for me and of course I just had to share with the biggest bunny fan I know.

Lots of love, Auntie Sue

Nicole said...

The skirt is gorgeous and the label made me laugh. :)

karlyn Jackson said...

he he! I'm still laughing! great little number, how lucky you are to have Aunty Sue.

Suzy said...

The skirt is gorgeous and those tags are fabulous. Lucky you!