Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hong Kong hangover

So where on earth could I have disppeared to over the past three weeks? It feels like AGES since my last post. For those of you stopping by, thanks for checking in!! But at least I was having loads of fun in my silence because I was shopping up a storm in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.... oh I have goosebumps over the sheer frenzy and I could write a whole book on my shopping ventures but here are a few snapshots...

So much designer-style (if you catch my drift) above and below are some Dior style pearls ( didn't even realise I was a pearl girl until I saw these babies).

These clothes are just a sample of what I had made at the tailor's in Shenzhen. I went to Adah (Shop 5138A LCC just in case you're interested) this time and was thrilled with her results. I had so many clothes, including suits for my husband, I had to sit on my suitcase to zip it shut. Lucky I had extra baggage allowance.

That frilly skirt on the left would have driven some poor person crazy- it's silk chiffon, and is three tiers of gathering. There was definite method in my madness in getting that skirt copied, I was crosseyed just looking at it. So, just a little summay of details in case you are heading over there anytime...

Shenzhen is really the shopping mecca as far as labels go, and by the way, all those prescription glasses in the first photo cost me about $45 a pair including the script. OMG. All I had to do was give them a pair of my glasses, they read the script off those lenses and an hour and a half later voila! Five pairs of prescription glasses for the cost of one pair of lenses here. Go to Suzy and Dragon on Level 2 Louhu Commercial City (LCC) in the jewellery section, Stall 17.

Designer bags- my favourite place in all of LCC was Shop 2127. She is a real wheeler and dealer but her bags were top notch.

The Miu Miu and LV scarves were from the ladies markets in Hong Kong- the guy was lovely. I paid 70 HKD for each one- bargain ($10 AUS).

What I didn't show in the top photo were some designer style shoes I bought from Vickie on Hong Kong Island, off East Luen St for about $55 AUS- Chanel flowers if you don't mind.

This photo is of me, Irene and mum in the Jade Market. She is stall number 278 and she is a lovely lady who knows her stuff.

Tim Ho Wan- it doesn't look like much on the outside but this laminate table diner has a Michelin star- I kid you not- and you will be lucky to break an AUD $10 note. I didn't and I ate like a horse. Believe it or not there is a military shop next door selling guns and face masks- just ignore it! The food was delicious and worth the wait outside (and the officious ladies out the front shouting numbers in Cantonese!). Kwong Wa St Mong Kok. MUST order the pork buns. Think of me if you ever try them...

Sigh. There in a nutshell, there is so much more but I'm out of time. I hope you enjoyed this post, I promise it won't be so long until next time!

Bec x


Noosa Girl said...

Hi Bec, I am sooo looking forward to the book. Thanks for sharing your fab trip with the blonde.

One Flew Over said...

Green with envy!

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

This sounds like so much fun! I didn't even know there were Michelin star restaurants outside of Europe.