Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My cheeky chicken

There is nothing like training them young!! Brigi woke up from her sleep this afternoon to the whir of the sewing machine, and lo and behold she wanted to take a closer a look. She particularly loved pressing all the buttons and I am hoping she never discovers the needle.

I hope to instill the same creative interest in craft that my mum did. I have lots of fond memories of my mum set up at the dining table with her sewing machine and general sewing chaos- threads, ribbons, fabric, pattern pieces. When my sister and I would ask when we could start sewing she would always say, "when you are 12". My sister one day replied, "will you still be alive when I'm 12?". Mum is pleased to announce she is alive and well and my sister is 29!


One Flew Over said...

Very sweet! Brigi has a lot of growing to do before she finds the needle, so to does Miss M.

Noosa Girl said...

If only we could all have "cheeky chickens" in our sewing room like you do. Welcome back Miss B.