Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Stash #7

Just as well 7 is one of my favourite numbers- this stash is truly memorable! Firstly, three photos from my fabric frenzy at Tessuti during the week. I was in such a fluster I can't remember the designers- I think the first is Elie Saab, my fave (100% silk), middle one who knows (let's just make it Italian! silk and elastane) and the final fabric is Pucci (silk jersey). If you live in Melbourne check out the store down there, they will be heading your way soon.

The photo below sums up the intoxicating flurry of my mum (Susie, left) and Sue (Aunty Sue/ Noosa Girl, right) swathed in Versace. Amazing how we can be so tragically fabulous!! Long live fabric addiction.

And on that note I am committing to not buying any fabric for two whole weeks. I know, lame timeframe but that's all I can commit to!!!


karlyn Jackson said...

Wow, what a stash this week. The first one looks like a painting, beautiful! and how fun is that pink it!
Two weeks, we'll see!

One Flew Over said...

That Pucci is ringing my bells!

Noosa Girl said...

Oh ridiculous...not buying fabric for two whole weeks??? I have sent for the doctor...he should be knocking on your door before too long with a bucket of drugs to cure you. You'll be back at Tesssuti in no time at all...promise !!

I just love the Tragic Versace Twins...fabulicious !!