Thursday, December 10, 2009

A birthday worth mentioning & December Beehive

So, I hit home with a crashing thud and what do I do to relieve the everydayness of not being on holidays?? Buy HEAPS of fabric and start sewing in a frenzied manner. But first, I forgot to let y'all kow that Brigi turned 3 last week, clever chicken. This is her at Taronga Zoo in awe of a giant sized koala. Amy, you know how EXHAUSTED we were, but it was heaps of fun and a very memorable day!
And THIS amazing creation has been what I have spent my afternoon assembling. It is for Jo for the December Beehive , not just flying geese but a circle of geese! I have to say I thought she was crazy whe I first saw the pattern, and that if I cut into her gorgeous linen I might live to regret it, but the final product is spectacular, and I have learnt alot.

That's all until Sunday, I have a mountain of stash to make up for! x


One Flew Over said...

Happy Birthday Brigi! And well done you for braving the zoo!

PS: Lovely, lovely block...I probably would have fainted and needed a bottle of vino before attempting that one!

karlyn Jackson said...

Happy birthday to you Brigi, 3 is such a beautiful age.
WOW, great block, I'm still to scared to start. I think I will need the bottle of wine AFTER I finish.

Amy (badskirt) said...

love your circle of geese. I hope I can do as well with mine!

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

You did a fabulous job on the circle of geese! Thank you!

And a belated Happy Birthday to Brigi - we may have even been at Taronga Zoo around the same time?