Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Stash #16

So I wonder what on earth I am going to put up for my next Sunday Stash and lo and behold there are still piles of fabric to see me through at least another month! This stash is going towards what will be my quilt for The Beehive- it's to be a beachy one for my parents-in-law who have a house on the South Australian coastline (Goolwa). If you are freezing cold in the northern hemisphere you may be wondering why such cool colours for such a festive time of year?? To tell you the truth, it's pretty hot in Australia right now and so for me a beach inspired quilt sounds entirely normal! Goolwa can be 35-40 degrees (100 degrees farenheit) in the shade and freezing cold in the water, they get the southern swell from Antarctica. There is some Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt and Jennifer Paganelli in that little bundle.

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One Flew Over said...

A lovely bundle! I will get you some of that blue and orange flower print and deliver it when in Sydney x