Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flight of fancy

This bag was made for me by my lovely mama- the fabric LOOKS like the Missoni butterflies but at $14.95 from Lincraft I would have to say it is a really good knock off!

I have enough of this fabric to make a cushion, although the fabric needs a really good wash. On another note, the weather has been pretty ordinary this week, I am so sticky and hot from all this humidity and rain- which leaves me to a monday full of wet washing and more rain. But then again... I have a friend who always tells me that in winter I whinge about the cold and in February I whinge about the rain. So a positive note to end on- I love hot summers and swimming at the beach, even in the rain on a sticky day!!

1 comment:

karlyn Jackson said...

Love the bag Bec! great fabric for good ole Lincraft.