Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucy's quilt

Remember the quilt I made AGES ago here, well this was given to little Lucy. And you know when you make a present for someone and you know how much effort you put into it and then you wonder if it is ever going to be used or just left in the cupboard??? Well I never realised until Lucy's Christening last week that her mother (and my oldest friend) Marie uses the quilt all the time, so I am totally stoked!!

This is Lucy trialling "tummy time"! Dear thing, grand old age of almost 2 months and she can fall asleep anywhere (now that is what we all aim for!).


One Flew Over said...

The quilt looks fantastic!

I wish my two slept like that at 2 months!

Anonymous said...

Hi bec,
Loving the pictures! I'm so glad you're happy that the quilt is getting so much use! EVERYONE comments on how beautiful it is whenever they see it!
I am so bad with computers I thought I'd just try out commenting on your blog! Look forward to catching up Friday week... x

karlyn Jackson said...

Ohh Bless! pics like that make me clucky....everyone loves a sleeping baby! so nice to know it's being used all the time.