Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Half baked

Not that this cake is half baked, it's more a title to describe the past fortnight- I managed to get through alot, I just don't feel like I achieved it triumphantly!! It was Nick's birthday on Sunday and bless him, he requested the easiest cake in the world to make- Madeira cake with lemon icing, only it ended up being a smidge runnier than anticipated. Delish though.
Missi Mu has been sick for two weeks, which for me definitely heralds the end of summer. It started as a cold and turned into an ear infection and currently she is battling croup and some mysterious disgusting virus that is resulting in runny poos. YUCK. So yet another half baked photo, my dress I have been trying to finish. I thought I'd show you now just in case it ends up taking another two weeks! It's a beautiful Nani Iro double gauze fabric I've had in my stash for a couple of years and I thought it would make a beautiful loose fitting shift like this one. I am not sure if the neckline has worked as successfully this time as the double gauze makes the fabric more "cumbersome" in the pleating but I'm still happy with the outcome. To cheer myself up I have been wearing a lovely sparkly pair of shoes (Juicy Couture) that I have been wearing non-stop and make me look dressy even on the most ordinary of days (which is the kind of fashion I love and rely on!). A little over the top for the park and the supermarket but hey, who cares?? And last but not least, to top it all off I have gone brown... a vast change from the platinum but I couldn't keep up with the regrowth!!! I do this every few years, get blonder and blonder and then I become a brunette until I start going blonde again. Don't worry, give me time, I'll get there again... I hope you have had a more successful and less sickly couple of weeks than I have! Bye for now, Bec xo


One Flew Over said...

LOVE the new locks...cannot believe how different it makes you look xx

Hope Brigi is on the mend x

Suzy said...

I love the hair too! It looks fantastic. And the shoes.
Hope the little one is better soon. We've had a dose of the autumn lurgy here too, but luckily it's stopped at a drippy nose so far.

Andi said...

With eyes that green, you can get away with any hair colour you damn like!! Green even!!
And I love the sparkelarkely shoes.
Andi :-)

Kate said...

Loving the hair and the shoes! I hope Missi Mu feels much better soon. X

Noosa Girl said...

Fabric....very lovely
Shoes....promotes shoe envy
Hair....fabulous (but so are you)
A belated message for
Mr. Mu...happy birthday.

Colette said...

Lovely to catch up with you and the girls yesterday....hope Brigi's better soon. Kisses

Your hair looks fabulous x

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi there, love that dress! The fabric is fabulous.

beeware said...

Mmm..love the dress. (the hair is good too :)