Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A babe (and a star!) is born

Today has been a day of high nerves and excitement. My little sis had her first baby- a beautiful boy named Samson. This post has piles of photos in it because I can finally show you what I have been working on for 6 months- Sam's quilt! It is a star quilt, the pattern used from the first Material Obsession book.

The fabrics used were from the Lecien Folklore range, Moda Arcadia and Urban Chicks. It took some time finding appropriate colour matches.

As you can see, there was LOTS of fussy cutting. I only made the centre of the quilt and bound it to make it baby size. I didn't know what the sex of her baby was so I used muted blues and aubergine and made it pretty. This quilt has been my baby- after only a year of quilting I had no idea how hard a star was, but it was well worth the effort. I learnt how to quilt on my machine and did stitch in the ditch and stippling myself!

Amy (my sis) was happy with the pressie (it was hard to give to her!) and Sam had a lovely snuggle under there. As my sister has just arrived home (yes, she gave birth 5 hours ago) she wasn't in a photo op moment but I will get some of her with little Sam.

Welcome to the world little one. Brigi can't wait to give you a kiss!


Colette said...

Oh he's lovely....welcome Samson!

We can wait to see him and give him lots of cuddles too.

Congratulations to proud parents Amy and Tom


Ps Samsons quilt is superb,your a very talented auntie ;-)

One Flew Over said...

OMG!!! Not only doe the star look fantastic but I am SO, SO, SO impressed with the ditching AND the stipling - well done BEC!!! Well worth the time and effort!!!

Bianca said...

Yay Auntie Bec, that quilt is one amazing present and achievement! You look very happy snuggling with Samson!

Emma said...

BIG CONGRATS to Amy and Tom on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy!

Bec, Samson's quilt is divine, well done! You did very well not making it gender specific. You look like a very proud Auntie!

lots of love from Singapore,
Em xx

The Quilt Buddy said...

What a great job you did on this quilt! I am still too scared to tackle a star like that!

Congrats to Samson! Welcome to the world.

Colette said...

Oh Bec....what I meant to say was that we CAN'T wait to see and cuddle him....hahaha!

And that YOU'RE a very talented (and gorgeous) auntie.

Should double check my comments before publishing them....doh!

Ps Greg sends the family his love to...mwa mwa xx

Colette said...


Did it again!

karlyn Jackson said...

So glad gorgeous baby Sam has arrived safely.....and your quilt is just amazing. You clever cookie.

Noosa Girl said...

Bec your quilt is fabulous....and Samson looks soooo snuggly in it. He is very beautiful - how clever is that sister of yours !!

Can't wait for the pic of Miss B and Sam together.

Amy said...

Pet!!!! Sam just lurves his new quilt- he looks so handsome in it and he knows its from you....he settles as soon as he's wrapped in it. Thanks for being such a special sister and for all your love. Love amy and tom and sam xoxoxo