Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Stash #9

This is a fabric that I have had for a while in my stash, I just can't bear to think of cutting it up but feel it's wasted sitting in my stash and should be loved. It's a Nani Iro double gauze designed by Naomi Ito. The front piece of gauze is a "soft black", and the backing is a taupe colour, making the overall look a lovely sludgy black floral.

Miss B wanted me to let you know she was not in the mood for posing today (believe me, we tried!) and so the finished dress made from the Japanese seersucker is displayed by her "mirror girl" on her wardrobe door instead... she has a Sale of the Century hand waving pose happening don't you think?

I have a confession to make- I don't "do" facings unless I absolutely have to and so I used a navy bias binding to finish off the neck, sleeves and even the hem. I think it gives some definition to the dress and it suit's Miss B's colourings. While it didn't come up too clearly the button is from my stash, a little lime coloured apple.

TTFN, Bec x


Noosa Girl said...

Miss B's dress looks divine - hope she will do a little twirl for us soon.
Bec, dont feel bad about not wanting to cut up the Nani Iro- it looks so fabulous it probably was only ever meant for patting and touching anyway.
Loving that mirror girl !

One Flew Over said...

A sensational dress Bec x

Bianca said...

Love it Bec, looks beautiful. And why do facings if you don't have to?! So nice to meet you last night!

karlyn Jackson said...

Bec, Miss B's dress is gorgeous, I did notice the apple button, very cute.